Museum Exhibitions – some new approaches

Castle Hill Stores, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, photo by Geoff Barker, 2009

 Given the current level of interest within the museum surrounding exhibition development I thought it could be an opportune time to blog about this vital area of museum work and look at how some museums have been approaching the issue.

One of the most noticeable changes is the number of new, and affordable, technologies now available for the exhibition tool-box. While essentially a good thing trying to grapple with their integration into existing museum exhibition development processes is not always easy. But over the last year the Powerhouse has conducted a few of its own experiments such as theMinecraft Trial Program which ran at Thinkspace over the 2011-2012 Christmas Holidays. Continue reading


Some thoughts on significance writing for museums

Sculpted Elephant, carved from graphite, purchased from F Krantz, 1884, Powerhouse Museum, 6189 

Attaching significance to museum objects can be a little like “pinning the tail on the donkey”. Just when you think you’ve got your significance right, off comes the blindfold, and you find your significance statement has failed to account for other curatorial perspectives, or its too long, too short, perhaps its failed to account for other similar objects in the collection or perhaps the language of your story is simply wrong for the times.

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