A List of Public Libraries in New South Wales


I last updated this A_Z listing of public libraries in NSW in 2019. It links parent and sibling library institutions.


Beaufoy Merlin Showman and Photographer

In 1951 one of Australia’s most significant collections of nineteenth-century photographs was found in a garden shed in Chatswood, Sydney.1 The 3700 glass plate negatives had been gathering dust for some 80 years after being moved from the North Shore mansion of Bernard Holtermann by his son Leonard.2 Most of the negatives were taken between … Continue reading Beaufoy Merlin Showman and Photographer

ISO15489 New Archival Standard, NSW Record Managers Forum, notes

Geoff Hinchcliffe, Sate Records New South Wales, Intro Outlined there are currently around 400 archival sites across NSW and the vastness of area is also complicated by the diversity of temperatures. Forum will look at new standards for the sector and also to let everyone know about the New State Records website launched 21 June, 2016 with over 2000 … Continue reading ISO15489 New Archival Standard, NSW Record Managers Forum, notes