Weekly Roundup – drones, Putin’s motorcycle gang, museum discussions …

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Filmmakers hack drone to carry 1,000 fps 4K camera

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New Post on The Indian Mountain Battery and Mule Corps who fought with the ANZACs at Gallipoli, 1915

New Video – Peter Mahony – Museum Australia Conference 2015 – are we too obsessed with audience needs? Continue reading “Weekly Roundup – drones, Putin’s motorcycle gang, museum discussions …”


Museum Conference Hack – Pirate video Channel for Museums Australia Conference 2015

Connection box, Zig Zag Rail, Geoff Barker, 2005

The Museums Australia conference committee has been working hard on the development of the Museums Australia conference to be held in Sydney in May 2015. After some discussions with them they have approved in concept this idea – the setting up of a live (or as near to live as possible) pirate video channel to run in the months leading up to the conference and over the days the conference is being held. Continue reading “Museum Conference Hack – Pirate video Channel for Museums Australia Conference 2015”

Museum Exhibitions – some new approaches

Castle Hill Stores, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, photo by Geoff Barker, 2009

 Given the current level of interest within the museum surrounding exhibition development I thought it could be an opportune time to blog about this vital area of museum work and look at how some museums have been approaching the issue.

One of the most noticeable changes is the number of new, and affordable, technologies now available for the exhibition tool-box. While essentially a good thing trying to grapple with their integration into existing museum exhibition development processes is not always easy. But over the last year the Powerhouse has conducted a few of its own experiments such as theMinecraft Trial Program which ran at Thinkspace over the 2011-2012 Christmas Holidays. Continue reading “Museum Exhibitions – some new approaches”

Wireless and Handheld Devices at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA}

Museum of Old and New Art & River Derwent, Hobart, Geoff Barker, 2011

The alarm was set for 5:00 am but the rain outside, and five hours sleep, did little to renew the enthusiasm so confidently expressed when Nick’s initially suggested we fly to Tasmania for the day to visit the Museum of Old and New Art ‘MONA’ in Hobart. Four others from the Powerhouse Museum’s Digital and Emerging Tech team were going and that combined with the non-refundable flight and my partner’s ‘you will be going’ looks ensured that somehow by 6.30 I was in line to get on the plane to visit David Walsh’s privately owned museum.

One of the main reasons for the visit was to look at how this museum has integrated handheld technologies into as its core function for interpreting the space, instead of using labels. Another was to look at how Walsh’s personal vision and complete control of the space influenced the kinds of objects selected and the way they were displayed. Continue reading “Wireless and Handheld Devices at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA}”