Weekly Roundup – hololens, worst albums by actors, 100s free games, Bluemix

HoloLens augmented reality headset … this really is incredible!! … demonstration of how you could pin videos and calendars wherever you want in your house or play with a 3D-animated puppy

The <em>Millionaire</em> machine of Steiger/Egli
The Millionaire machine of Steiger/Egli (Courtesy of Mr. John Wolf)

The Millionaire Calculating Machine by Otto Steiger … in 1892 the swiss engineer Otto Steiger (1858-1923) received his patent for the ‘Millionaire’ calculating machine (German patent DE 72870). This was really the first commercially-successful direct multiplication calculating machine, and was so successful it remained in production until 1935. Continue reading


Weekly Roundup – led printing, airborne vandalism, ANzac stories, geospatial e-books

A new technological break-though could see light emitted on flat, razor-thin surfaces like paper, instead of through round, circular bulbs. This is the promise of the Rohinni team who are developing a new technology which will allow the printing of tiny light emitting LEDS onto flat surfaces … more

Airborne Vandalism – An interesting article on a graffiti artist using a drone carrying a spray-can to deface advertising hoardings.http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2015/04/30/much-less-ken-dull/

Nature Magazine posts a news article explaing how “… from open access to giant web-based data repositories, Continue reading

Jazz Musicians Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn,

Weekly Roundup – drones, Putin’s motorcycle gang, museum discussions …

This New Collection of 12,000 Photographs Chronicles the American Jazz Scene

Filmmakers hack drone to carry 1,000 fps 4K camera

19 Glorious Albums And EPs To Get Excited About In April from NME

New Post on The Indian Mountain Battery and Mule Corps who fought with the ANZACs at Gallipoli, 1915

New Video – Peter Mahony – Museum Australia Conference 2015 – are we too obsessed with audience needs? Continue reading

Connection box, Zig Zag Rail, Geoff Barker, 2005

Museum Conference Hack – Pirate video Channel for Museums Australia Conference 2015

The Museums Australia conference committee has been working hard on the development of the Museums Australia conference to be held in Sydney in May 2015. After some discussions with them they have approved in concept this idea – the setting up of a live (or as near to live as possible) pirate video channel to run in the months leading up to the conference and over the days the conference is being held. Continue reading

DIY Virtual Reality: Google Cardboard Android phone & C19th Stereoviewer

I was playing around with Google Cardboard yesterday and after making up a viewer using Google’s cardboard template and some Daiso lenses I had a flash of inspiration.

Some years back I was avidly collecting stereo photographs (the nineteenth century equivalent of Virtual reality Continue reading

Compact Discs 30 yrs old – Magritte Posters etc

Kicking off with Rumble a great space-rock tune from the Oresund Space Collective

Loved the sound of this John Cage project posted by Northern Spy records – In 1977, New York composer John Cage received a commission from Rolling Stone to create a work of art inspired by his hometown. Cage presented the publication with a graphic score titled 49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs: a Hagstrom map of the city covered in 49 painted triangles, or “waltzes,” each linking three discrete locations in the city, and presumably a nod to the musical form’s 3/3 time signature. Later, he republished the score as a complete list of all 147 street addresses, specifying only that 49 Waltzes was a piece for “performer(s) or listener(s) or record maker(s).Today marks the 100th anniversary of the storied composer’s birth, and to celebrate, Brooklyn performing arts non-profit Avant Media has unveiled www.49waltzes.com, an interactive, user-driven recreation of Cage’s ode to the city. The website invites visitors to upload photos, SoundCloud streams, videos, and written commentary to all 147 locations, group-composing each waltz in real time as a succession of memories and impressions .. full article from Northern Spy Records

Continue reading