Staffing the Museums of the Future: Seb Chan interview

Seb Chan talks about the future of museum with particular emphasis on staffing issues


Museum Conference Hack – Pirate video Channel for Museums Australia Conference 2015

Connection box, Zig Zag Rail, Geoff Barker, 2005

... we are going to need some VOLUNTEERS to help learn some new HACK JOURNALISM skills and use their I & Android phones to upload and (if you are up to it) edit interviews live onto our pirate video station, and shared workspace 'Channel Soane'.

Is the Museum Exhibition Model Broken?

Ole Worm's cabinet of curiosities, from ''Museum Wormianum'', 1655. Original source Smithsonian Museum Over the last fortnight I've been in the midst of a lot of discussion about exhibition development for museums. Primarily the question has been approached from ... what are our exhibitions going to be about and how do we get them on the … Continue reading Is the Museum Exhibition Model Broken?

Mendeley & Publishing for Museums, Libraries and Archives

Humanities Matter Infographic These thoughts were initiated after coming across the new start-up PEERJ – which presented a new model for peer reviewed contributions relating to science and medicine. In response to what it saw as a narrowing of publishing options and increasing number of problematic monetising models of peer review  PEERJ set up … Continue reading Mendeley & Publishing for Museums, Libraries and Archives