Born in New Zealand and studied science at Victoria University, Wellington. Left to tour the country in an AEC Reliant bus before buying a house truck and spent a few years on communes and farms in northern New Zealand.

Finished my History Degree at Sydney University before completing a Postgrad in Museum Studies.

Since then I have worked as Curator of Photography at the Macleay Museum. been Acting Manager at Hurstville Regional Museum, and Assistant Curator on the Total Asset Management Project researching at-risk collections at the Powerhouse Museum.

In 2010 I completed my Master of Arts in History – “Refracted Vision: nineteenth-century photography in the South Pacific”.

In 2011 I changed roles and became Online Producer managing the Collection Australia Network, as well as working on web projects in the Digital & Emerging Technologies Department and curator on Total Asset Management project at the Powerhouse Museum.
In 2013 I started working for the Parramatta City Council as Research and Collection Services Coordinator. This role was set up to manage the archival, local studies and cultural collections from Australia’s 2nd oldest European Settlement.
In 2106 I was employed by the State Library of New South Wales as a Senior Curator, Research and Collections. The library holds one of Australia’s most significant collections of historic photographs and it started collecting books manuscripts paintings and journals in 1826 making it one of the formative cultural collections in the country.

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