Weekly Roundup – hololens, worst albums by actors, 100s free games, Bluemix

HoloLens augmented reality headset … this really is incredible!! … demonstration of how you could pin videos and calendars wherever you want in your house or play with a 3D-animated puppy

The <em>Millionaire</em> machine of Steiger/Egli
The Millionaire machine of Steiger/Egli (Courtesy of Mr. John Wolf)

The Millionaire Calculating Machine by Otto Steiger … in 1892 the swiss engineer Otto Steiger (1858-1923) received his patent for the ‘Millionaire’ calculating machine (German patent DE 72870). This was really the first commercially-successful direct multiplication calculating machine, and was so successful it remained in production until 1935.

New York Public Library’s efforts to assess, prioritize and develop long-term strategies for its audio and moving image (AMI) research collections, which are among the largest and most significant in the world. Webinar recording by Ann Thornton, Evelyn Frangakis and Bill Stingone.

It’s Official: Wearing a Suit Makes You Less Effective: Clothes do indeed make the man (or the woman)… but not in a good way. Post by Geoffrey James

Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Live Activities and Programs reached 80 million people in four months. …  @ROMtoronto and the social media team won a MUSE Award for #FNLROM. … Friday Night Live accounts for 1/3 of our twitter traffic, #FNLROM trends on Twitter regularly, and we reach almost  80 million people in just four months of the year.


The 20 Best and Worst Albums By Actors by Pat Healy There’s at least one I must look up … Christopher was 90 years old when he released this metal concept album. 

Connecting your “things” to the cloud … using Cloud-ready Telit Wireless Modules, m2mAIR Mobile wireless connectivity and the m2mAIR Cloud service

Codename BlueMix … intro to IBMs new platform as a service offering

Hundreds of classic video games now online for free from the archive.org … new version of the site has been evolving over the past 6 months in response to the feedback. Also link to a nice tour of the internet archive servers running in a cathedral room with Brewster Kahle

Three Science trends that will change business … an April 1, 2015 post by

1. Predictive analytics … computers are finally gaining the ability to analyze patterns and make intelligent deductions that have real-world business impact. Data is exploding at an unprecedented pace.

Ninety percent of all of the data in the world was created in just the past two years. Every year from now, that data will double. So the question becomes: How do we make big data smaller, so it’s meaningful and useful? Microsoft CEO Satya Nadell …  I think we are at the dawn of a new generation of business systems. With the ability to reason over data, we now can build these systems of intelligence. This is going from having systems that are very useful unto themselves but are somewhat static and converting them to learning systems … where everything that you have becomes intelligent.
2. Big data platforms …  most enterprises investing in big data are still at the experimentation stage. For such companies, Brian Sommer’s 2-part analysis of big data winners and losers is instructive.
3. Everyday analytics … business intelligence tools the third wave is “a service that any non-technical person can sign up and start getting value,” said James Phillips, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s business intelligence products group. Instead of leaving the decisions to the computers, these tools surface the data in ways that allow humans to do the analysis more effectively and make better decisions.


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