Museum Conference Hack – Pirate video Channel for Museums Australia Conference 2015

The Museums Australia conference committee has been working hard on the development of the Museums Australia conference to be held in Sydney in May 2015. After some discussions with them they have approved in concept this idea – the setting up of a live (or as near to live as possible) pirate video channel to run in the months leading up to the conference and over the days the conference is being held.

To do this we are going to need some VOLUNTEERS to help learn some new HACK JOURNALISM skills and use their I & Android phones to upload and (if you are up to it) edit interviews live onto our pirate video station, and shared workspace ‘Channel Soane‘.

You can email us direct at

WILL IT WORK? … Yes, although it’s risky, and as far as I know hasn’t been done like this before .. all said whatever happens it should be great fun, you’ll meet some new people and what’s wrong with embracing a punk ethos … and just doing it!

After doing some research it seems the tools and software are all there, we are carrying the recording equipment (for the more popular brands prospective journalists ds to be Iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy 3 or greater), most of the stuff is free and we can help you set everything up to download to your phone to use remotely.

The content will be streamed to the channel soane youtube channel and we will use a Google + account ‘Mr Soane‘ to manage the admin and the behind the scenes, including sharing the instructions for setting up your phone questions to ask etc.

At the moment the idea is to try to get some volunteers to work as journalists ASAP. This is because we want them to start straight ASAP interviewing people at the museums and galleries they are already part of.

The theme of the the conference is ‘medium and message’ and we would want to gather as many responses to the questions posed by the organisers as possible and put them on youtube before the conference starts. They can then be references during the conference and will hopefully give the speakers and conference goers some food for thought from people who can’t attend the conference.

This will also give us an opportunity work together over the next few months to figure out what works and what doesn’t..

If this sounds like an interesting challenge and you would like to volunteer to help you can either comment on this blog post or email us direct at


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