DIY Virtual Reality: Google Cardboard Android phone & C19th Stereoviewer

I was playing around with Google Cardboard yesterday and after making up a viewer using Google’s cardboard template and some Daiso lenses I had a flash of inspiration.

Some years back I was avidly collecting stereo photographs (the nineteenth century equivalent of Virtual reality and hugely popular in the 1850s) and had purchased a couple of stereo viewers needed to convert the twin photographs into 3D. As you can see I fitted my Samsung Galaxy S4 into the photo holder and IT WORKED FINE.

A great example of an early technology being re-purposed for the 21st century. If you don’t have viewer you can download the template from Google or even purchase a kit for US $25.00 from DODO.There are a number of free apps you can download to view on your phone to test this VR software including Tuscany House, Roller coaster and Hang Gliding

Some useful links


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